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Finding High Salary Positions

How do you keep track of what you're worth? Strategic use of the popular online job search sites is the most effective way to track your position in the job market by always knowing both where and what the high paying jobs are and what they require.

A good methodology for determining your current salary position is to sign up at most or all of the free sites, and to employ their "jobfinder agents" to look for jobs similar to yours. These agents will report this information back to you as frequently as you request.

Below is a list of job search sites ranked on a [0 - 10] scale, in approximate order of the number of high paying positions listed. The ranking is based on the total number of records returned by entering the following terms as search keywords: 80K, 90K, 100K, and 120K.

High Salary Jobs at National &
International Job Sites

  1. FlipDog.com High Salary Index - 10.0
    FlipDog.com� says that it has the Internet's largest job collection taken directly from employer Web sites, leading to jobs you won't see on any other job site. In any case, our last check showed that they had the largest number of high salary jobs.

  2. Monster.com High Salary Index - 9.2
    Monster.com touts itself as "the leading global online network for careers, connecting the most progressive companies with the most qualified career-minded individuals." The Monster.com network includes sites in 15 countries. In addition, they have a special section "ChiefMonster" for senior executives, which is likely where the majority of their many high salary jobs can be found.

  3. HotJobs.com High Salary Index - 5.7
    According to HotJobs, HotJobs.com is a one-stop career solutions resource with hundreds of thousands of jobs posted by corporate hiring mangers as well as from executive recruiting and staffing firms. A search of the HotJobs.com web site yields a good number of high salary jobs.

  4. UsJobBoard.com High Salary Index - 2.7
    USJobBoard.com's August 14, 2001 Press Release stated that it had achieved over 575,000 unique visitors to the site in the Month of July according to MediaMetrix. This service has less high salary jobs, but is likely to be most useful to job seekers with salaries in the 40 - 60K range. As of July 31, 2001, this service is the sponsor of AT&T's Career Channel.

  5. HeadHunter.net High Salary Index - 2.6

    HeadHunter.net is one of the best known and well respected among job search services. It's site boast over 250,000 job postings representing more than 10,000 employers. HeadHunter.net has a long list of strategic partners. Although their banner says "higher paying jobs!", their site seems to be best suited for those seeking jobs with salaries under 60K.

  6. JobsOnline.com